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Personal Budgets for Special Educational Needs

Final EHCP

Final EHCP If you have asked for amendments and they are agreed by the Local Authority, or if they are not agreed, the Local Authority must send you a final EHCP within 20 weeks from the request for the assessment.

Keep your EHCP and the letter it came with safe.

If you are not happy with the final EHCP including the name of school you can appeal to the first Tier Tribunal (SEND). You also have a right to request independent disagreement resolution and, in some circumstances mediation. You can find out more about disagreement resolution, mediation and appeals at Norfolk SEND Partnership IASS and in the SEND Code of Practice Chapter 11.

Norfolk SEND Partnership IASS can give you impartial information and advice about the options open to you at any stage during the assessment and with your EHCP.





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