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Personal Budgets for Special Educational Needs

What happens if the EHC needs assessment goes ahead?

The Local Authority will write to you to tell you that they are going to assess the child and will ask you for any further information. Your views and the child’s views are really important.

If you want information, advice or support during the EHC needs assessment you can have an Independent Supporter to help you.

IS Support in Norfolk is provided by Norfolk SEND Partnership IASS (01603 704070) or Scope (0808 800 3333)

The Local Authority will ask a number of other people for Information . This is called ‘advice’ and it should include information about:

The SEND Code of Practice says:

Local Authorities must consult the child and the child’s parent or the young person throughout the process of assessment and production of an EHCP. They should also involve the child as far as possible in this process. The needs of the individual child and young person should sit at the heart of the assessment and planning process. (9.21)

The Local Authority must ask for advice and information from:

If a child has a vision or hearing impairment the Local Authority must also seek information and advice from a suitably qualified teacher.

The Local Authority should also try to find out the child’s views. You, the school and other professionals may be able to help with this. If you think the child needs someone to help them give their views you can ask for Independent Support for this help

You can find out more about advice and information for EHC needs assessments in the SEND Code of Practice sections 9.45 – 9.52.


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