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Personal Budgets for Special Educational Needs

When does the EHC needs assessment end?

Once the local authority has all the information and advice it must decide whether your child needs an Education, Health and Care plan.

What if the Local Authority decides not to issue an EHCP?

Sometimes the local authority will decide that a child has special educational needs that can be met through SEN support and therefore decide not to issue an EHCP.

The SEND Code of Practice says:

An EHC needs assessment will not always lead to an EHCP. The information gathered during the assessment may indicate other ways in which the school, college or other provider can meet the child or young persons needs without an EHCP (9.6 )

If this is the case the local authority must tell you of its decision within 16 weeks of receiving the request, provide you with written feedback including evidence and the reports from the professionals collected as part of the assessment. The Local Authority must also tell you about

The Local Authority should also tell you about the resources available to meet the childs/young persons needs within school or early years settings.

Make sure you keep all the paperwork which arrives with the draft plan as you may need it later. It is the information that the plan has been written from.


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