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Personal Budgets for Special Educational Needs

What happens next if the local authority decide to issue an EHCP?

If the Local Authority decides an EHCP is necessary they must issue one. A parent or young person has the right to request a personal budget at this stage. For more information on personal budgets read our leaflet on our website also visit Norfolk’s Local Offer.

The LA must write a draft EHCP and send it to you with copies of the reports so that you can read it all.

You should check that everything you think is important has been included and that you agree with the needs of the child, outcomes and the proposed provision. See our leaflet ‘reading and understanding your EHCP’ which you can find on our website or call us for a paper copy.

The draft EHCP must not name the school or type of provision as the plan should be written based on the childs/young persons needs not on what a certain school or type of school can provide.

You have at least 15 days to:

The Local Authority must meet with you if you ask for a meeting during this time.

Many children with an EHCP will stay in mainstream provision but those with more complex needs may require specialist provision.

If you would like help with your plan then please contact us Norfolk SEND Partnership IASS.

Note that if you do not reply within 15 days the local authority may assume that you agree with the draft plan.



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