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What if I do not agree with decisions about SEN Provision

The next step - Disagreement resolution services

The disagreement resolution service is there to help resolve three kinds of disagreement between parents or young people and the organisations that are responsible for making provision for children and young people with special educational needs. These are about:

In Norfolk this service is provided by Kids. They are independent and will provide a trained mediator to facilitate a discussion. The purpose is to look for a way forward that all the parties accept. The service is free and confidential and you can choose whether to use it or not.

Contact 03330 062 835

Disagreement resolution services can also be used:

Norfolk SEND Partnership IASS can help you decide if independent disagreement resolution is right for you.

You can find out more about disagreement resolution services in the SEND Code of Practice sections 11.6 to 11.10.


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