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Personal Budgets for Special Educational Needs

What can a Personal Budget be used for?

Personal Budgets can only be used to fund the support set out in an Education, Heath & Care Plan (EHCP). This must be agreed by the local authority for education and care support, and by the health authority for the health provision. The EHC plan will then set out how a personal budget is going to deliver support and outcomes.

While there is a degree of flexibility in how Personal Budgets can be used you must be able to demonstrate that your child’s assessed needs would be met and that it contributes to the outcomes in the education, health and care plan.

A Personal Budget will use any top up funding (known as Element 3 funding). It can also include support that is managed by the school or college – but only if the Headteacher or Principal agree.

BUT a Personal Budget for educational provision cannot cover payment for a place at a school or college.

Some possible ways in which a Personal Budget could be used might include:

Sometimes the local authority or the health authority may not agree to a Personal Budget. If the local authority refuses a personal budget for special educational provision they must tell you why.

You cannot appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal over this refusal, but could use the ‘disagreement resolution process’. This service is provided in Norfolk by Kids.

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