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Education, Health and Care Plans

What can I do if I am not happy about the EHCP?

The first step is to contact your EHCP Co-ordinator at the Local Authority to discuss your concerns.

You can also contact Norfolk SEND Partnership IASS who can give you impartial information, advice and support and explain your options. This may include independent disagreement resolution, mediation or going to appeal.

You can only appeal sections B,F and I of the plan.

What happens if I move to another Local Authority area?

If you plan to move to another Local Authority area it is important that you contact the ‘old’ and the ’new’ Local Authorities. The ‘old’ Local Authority must transfer the EHCP on the day of the move, as long as it has had 15 working days notice.

The ‘new’ Authority will become responsible for the plan and for securing any provision within it. The new Authority may want to carry out a new needs assessment .

The new Authority must review the plan before one of the following deadlines

The new Authority must inform you within 6 weeks of transfer then they will review the EHCP and if they are going to re-assess.



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