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Fixed term or Permanent Exclusions

Fixed term exclusion

This means that there is an exclusion for a certain number of days. The most they can be fixed term excluded in one school year is 45 days in total. If it happens again they may be permanently excluded.

For the first 5 days, work should be set and marked by school. From day 6 onwards work given should be suitable and full time.

Permanent exclusion

This is a more serious step for a head teacher/principle to take.

A child should only be permanently excluded for a one-off offence in very serious circumstances or after a number of fixed term exclusions when the school feels it has tried everything it can to keep a child in school.

For the first 5 days after the exclusion, school should send suitable work home. From day 6 onwards it is the Local Authority’s responsibility to provide suitable full time education. You have the right to be consulted and to say which school you would prefer them to attend.




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