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An Explanation of Exclusions

You may have seen reported recently that there has been a rise in the number of school exclusions in Norfolk. Exclusions can be a very upsetting and worrying time for you and your child. An exclusion should only be used as a last resort.

If your child has been excluded or you feel that they are in danger of being excluded this is the process that schools should follow;

The head teacher should take into account the factors that may have affected your child’s behaviour. Where practical the head should give your child the chance to explain their side of the story.

A Head may exclude if they believe that, it is more likely than not, a child has done what they are accused of. Your child may be excluded for a fixed number of days (fixed term exclusion) or permanently (permanent exclusion).

When a pupil is excluded the head teacher must notify parents/carers in writing without delay and state:

The first five days of exclusion

The school should take reasonable steps to set and mark work.

A child or young person must not be in a public place during school hours for the first five days of an exclusion.

From day 6
From day 6 of a fixed term exclusion the school has a duty to organise alternative full time education. If the exclusion is permanent then it is the local authority’s duty to provide full time alternative provision. In Norfolk this is usually at one of the Short Stay Schools.

Unofficial / illegal exclusions
If school asks you to pick your child up ‘to cool off’, to pick your child up from school early, at lunchtime, not come in on certain days, or is only providing your child with a part time timetable this is an ‘unlawful’ or ‘unofficial’ exclusion. Any exclusion of a pupil, even for short periods of time, must be formally recorded.

If you have agreed to a part time timetable this should only be short term and a reintegration plan should be in place.

School governors may have to meet depending on the length and type of the exclusion. If you disagree with the exclusion you may be able to appeal it. Please contact Norfolk SEND Partnership on 01603 704070 for more information. You can also contact the local authority Exclusions Team on 01603 303333.

SEND Partnership also have an exclusions leaflet - link to leaflet >>

Val Creasy
Exclusions Officer